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This book delivers what it says---Oneness
Shakta Kaur Khalsa

Ever since I bought this book a few months ago, it has become an authentic teacher to me. I love to read it early in the morning right after my meditation, and in fact, I find no separation between reading this book and meditating. The words talk to me and describe exactly where I am at right now, and gives me insights into where I am headed--always toward Oneness. Afterward, I feel as clear as the new morning that is dawning, and I know I've subtly transformed from old habits that no longer serve me into more of just being me, the authentic me. Much gratitude to the author and publisher for this great work. As an author and yoga teacher, I will be recommending this book in all the courses that I teach around the world.

Destined to be a classic NOW,
A reader

This book has answered so many questions that I feel more peaceful for having read it. So much Truth... Oneness filled in a lot of the gaps in my thinking/knowing and I am excited about the future. Thank you, Rasha, for the endless hours you devoted to receiving these enlightened teachings for all of us.

A fan in Santa Fe, NM.

Vikki Hanchin

Oneness is an essential book for those who are ready to become conscious co-creators of a transforming reality--in their personal worlds and the larger world. This book makes very complex and essential spiritual concepts accessible, such as how to understand and practice "ascension" (which is a process, not a one-time event), how to heal old repeating patterns of karma in this lifetime, and how to move beyond the limitations of victim-consciousness to become a conscious co-creator of your heart's desires. This book is one you'll want to talk about with others on the path of consciousness. In Pittsburgh, we have begun a book group to support our understanding and practice the material.

One page worth the price of the book
Reviewer: Marc A. Vinson

If you randomly chose just one page to read, most of them individually are worth the price of the book. Example: On page 332 she talks about how when there is an urgency or compulsion to make a choice the best thing is to retreat into stillness and do nothing because those are not the kind of conditions in which you wish to make choices of "any" kind. All I can say is....wow! I live in South Florida and if there are any Rasha fans who would like to start a discussion group based on these teachings please email me at:mince38@yahoo.com

If you are on a quest for understanding...
Irini Dobeck

This is a book whose time has come. The author (or rather transcriber) of Oneness has presented the information in such a beautifully timeless flow. Although this book is written in a manner in which its messages can be absorbed by all, it is also a very deep and richly complex book which invites the reader to suspend their current (and often limited) perceptions of reality and consider the expansive and limitless perspective it offers. You will find yourself reading and rereading sections to fully understand and absorb the information. Some of the vocal points from Oneness:

- Consider that all which exists does so not as separate entities, but as an expression of Oneness - where we are given the ability to both perceive individually, and also experience perception as one collective consciousness.

- Consider a world in which our ability to harness and direct energies and modulate our vibration results in the instant manifestation of our desires.

- Consider a world in which our surroundings and our physical bodies are simply a reflection of the vibrational frequencies we currently choose to embody at any given moment.

I very highly recommend this book for individuals who are looking for the answers to the questions geared at understanding why we are here, what is the purpose of our existence, and for people who have come to the realization that the current paradigms and belief/acceptance of poverty consciousness, the victim mentality, judgment, and ego-bound activities are simply reflections of belief structures which serve to diminish and limit who we truly are. Keywords for this book would be: vibration, frequency, energy, multidimensional consciousness, transcendence, ascension

Samantha Herron

A friend of mine had recommended this book and raved about it. Now I understand why. If you are searching for answers where spirituality is concerned and how you and your life fit into it all, this is the book to read. It promotes no religion. It does give you some real insight into who each of us truly is and why we are here. I have been on a spiritual quest for over 30 years and this book gave me new insights and many things to think about. I highly recommend it to every Seeker out there.

Ten books in one.

This is a deep yet amazingly easy book to understand if you are attracted to read the book. It is not for the beginner. Every sentence could be a chapter. Every chapter could be a book. So much depth of wisdom is packed into every paragraph.

I had finished Neale Walsch's Conversations with God series when I received a $20. gift certificate to a book store. Pondering how to spend my good fortune, I browsed the New Age section and picked up the Oneness book. It cost $20. It had been misfiled. Hidden right behind it was Walsch's book. The location and price were a signal to me to buy it. It is like a graduate-level course compared to Conversations with God. The same message but much deeper.

Then I bought the newly released Walsch book, Home with God. My wife and I are reading both books simultaneously. Both are very deep and compliment each other. What an amazing experience. If you are ready for it, you will be very pleased with the Oneness book.

A Divine Gift to Humanity.
Barbara Rose, PhD

We are all blessed to have Rasha among us, who so beautifully beings through the words of God to uplift the spiritual consciousness of humanity. This profound book answers many questions, brings hope to our everyday lives, and reveals divine wisdom and insight on how to become ONE both within our own selves, as well as with all in our universe. Oneness is a gem and is surely destined to become a classic. Highly recommended from my heart.

Documentation of transcendent principles concerning humanity,
Midwest Book Review

A unique contribution to Metaphysical Studies, Oneness offers a powerful metaphysical and spiritual message, presenting the message and hope that author Rasha has experienced with the universal presence "Oneness" since February of 1998. Documentation of transcendent principles concerning humanity, life, destiny, and true nature, Oneness is an absorbing, complex, and profound testimony embracing the spirit of the cosmos.

Oneness is truly a gift to savor ... for a lifetime.
J. Kluver

Oneness is one of the most astounding books we've ever read. It presents a rich and multi-dimensional perspective of our journey through this world that encourages us to live life fully and embrace our lessons. This book pulls no punches regarding the adventures that one encounters on this journey from the prison-house of reactive ignorance to the palace of eternal light. Oneness also reveals the nature and impact of the accelerating energetic environment on our physical, emotional, and subtle bodies. It provides the insight necessary to traverse these times when many of our habits and cultural structures tend to keep us in patterns that are unfavorable to the ascension process.

Oneness is full of third eye-openers that encourage us to observe Life from many different perspectives. A few of our favorite tasty morsels that exemplify themes many of us have struggled with are as follows:

* The role of adversarial relationships in our journey.

* How our reactions to expectations (theirs and ours), impact us.

* The underlying causes of our circumstances, including health issues from an energetic perspective.

* Why it is increasingly difficult to remain in relationships where harmony seems to be on permanent vacation.

* Why it is essential for each of us to "find our own way." (Hint: No one else can! Would you really want it any other way?)

The possibilities for all of us are wide open at this point and Oneness suggests that each person's journey is custom designed and delivered by none other than the said person. I love this, not only because it is completely "empowering", but also because it levels the playing field. In short, no one else can determine the right path for you, but you... be they teachers, preachers, experts, or gurus.

Oneness is chock full of juicy tidbits that you can choose to enjoy now, or tuck away for a while, like a fine wine. Key lessons that encourage us to actualize the world of our dreams are laid out as if tools in a toolkit. The choice to apply them, as always is up to yours truly.

My partner, George, and I have been integrating and applying insights from Oneness for over two years. The application brings greater understanding and joy every day, not to mention less melodrama. I've never experienced a book that feels "new" every time you re-visit a chapter until I read Oneness.

We hope that you enjoy this delicious book as much as we have. By the way, our experience has been that each page has so much to offer that the integration process takes time. Oneness is truly a gift to savor ... for a lifetime.

Speaking to the Divine Nature of All Things,
Becky A.

This book is a must for those who have a deep sense of knowing and seek affirmation of such. Every word, sentence, paragraph has meaning that speaks to the reader the way life does... when one is ready to hear it.

A divine tool in anyone's toolbox for personal and spiritual development...


This is a spiritual guidebook toward self-enlightenment
Venus A. Rachal

I LOVED this book. It is a book that is so honest about what you go through on the spiritual path...or rather the path to personal transformation and merging with your own divinity--the light that is in all of us. If you are new to this type of book, you will find that the language is different from the average book. It generally supposes a basic knowledge of how thoughts and feelings create your world and of a commitment to transforming yourself until you can merge your personality and soul with Oneness. If you have no such commitment, it is not that this book will not have meaning for you, but it would not have the same power and effect as it does for a person who is actively seeking to know him or herself.

One of the things I loved about this book is how Rasha and Oneness talk about how certain challenges come up in life even when you have devoted your life to spiritual development and you have done a lot of emotional clearing. One is tempted at these times to ask "what went wrong?" or "Why am I still attracting this if I have worked on it for so long?" With gentleness and love, Rasha speaks about how we often encounter these times to clear more density from our many selves or how we contract with someone or some group to help them to clear their own density and learn certain lessons in their lives. So, you can theoretically experience "problems" or "challenges" with a person when you have resolved the issue within yourself because you agreed to be there for that person until he or she learns all that he or she can from you. They saw you through your lesson and your soul has agreed to see them through their lesson. All in all, it is pretty powerful stuff.

I think that this book is a wonderful reference book for the spiritual aspirant because it is timeless wisdom. It is the wisdom of a person who went through much clearing in order to clearly receive wisdom for humanity.

I plan to educate people on metaphysics and this is one of the few books that would be a MUST on my recommendation list.

Enjoy it and in the process of reading, find yourself. Find out all you can about the essence of you--the you that is beyond all space and time and even thought. Recover the you that is everything and nothing all at once.

A reader

One of the most powerful readings that I have had the pleasure to come across. I found it difficult, because of the intensity, to read more than one or two chapters in a sitting. Definitely worth the time. We are painting the canvas of our lives in every moment!



I must say that this is the most powerful book I have ever read. The material is so profound that it is difficult to read more than one chapter in a sitting. This is a great down-to-earth book that puts the responsibility of unfoldment into our own hands. I have read many similar teachings, yet Oneness seems to lay all of the cards on the table

Wisdom Seeking
Raven Digitalis

I do recommend this book. I had the chance to meet Rasha at a Metaphysical trade faire (INATS) in Denver last year. She is very sweet and glows with Knowledge. This was a great affirmation before reading this book. As with any (real) books of channeling, many of the teachings are repeated in different words. The realm of Words is small so this is expected. This book gives hope and re-assurance of expanded spiritual perspective and Sight in ones' everyday life. This is a book that you can open to any page and get insight (or practice Bibliomancy, which is opening a page at random and reading, in order to gain the insight you need at the time. This works extremely well.)

All-in-all, this is a very good book and I would recommend it to spiritual seekers. This is a book to have for life. For me, it is one which I read a chapter every week or so, reading a different book more frequently. Reading this straight thru can be an overload, and does not provide proper time to absorbing the knowledge within. Buy Oneness, show it to everybody you know, and keep it for life!

Vernon Washington

Thank you for the most important and beautiful book I have read so far in my 44 years on this planet. Do u have a website?

Linda K. Graff

Thank you for receiving Oneness and giving it to all who have eyes to see and receive the affirmations. Those with eyes to see and to receive the affirmations burn brightly in the Light with strength so that others' eyes will see and receive affirmations. And so it goes.

I thank you and Oneness. Blessings in the Light.

Andrew Schultz

I have just about completed your book Oneness and am delighted. I have been touched in more ways than can be imagined. I have felt, on many occasions, that the words written speak to me directly.

I have gone back to reread, word for word, sentence by sentence, and meditate on them. It is a book that will never grow old and I realize I will return to it on many occasions. My wife and I, both read it together and discuss those wondrous words.

Thank you and thank you Oneness

Joi Roche

Just had to write and tell you how much your book Oneness has meant to me. I buy so many books to teach me how to accept my Self and remember who I really am. These words must have been written just for me!

Such easy straight forward yet gentle instructions and information. I thank you and your guidance for putting this out for all who are drawn to read it and move forward (really inward) on their journey to Oneness. Looking forward to your new book.

S. Rue

My experience with this work is deepening, and I am so very grateful to you for taking on this great work. I cannot believe my good fortune to having been attracted to this book. I love the way various points are reiterated several ways, it is helpful in getting a full understanding of that particular concept. I continue to study Oneness and find

things that apparently slipped by me the first several times ... I love the part about

rediscovering ' the dreamer ' .... finding ' the dreamer ' is going to be an adventure. I love the title "A Journey to Oneness" .... and it is also a " Journey of Joy " for me ....can hardly wait!

Kala Kos

I have been reading Oneness, and I must say that reading a certain section a moment ago has inspired me to write this email. I believe this book is exceptional and its wisdom is so much needed at this time on the planet. I am happy to see this very profound guidance for humanity and I am so pleased to have met the beautiful soul, Rasha, who has allowed this message to come through her form.

Lynn Van Gundy

If you’ve been feeling puzzled and wondering if you’re missing a few important links to the game of life, then read Oneness by Rasha.

At last, we have a comprehensive overview of what’s really going on now. When so many channelings are airy-fairy, egocentric meanderings, this one’s the cream of the current crop. Rasha has channeled the purest information since the Bartholomew books were brought forth in the ’90s. It’s as if the Bartholomew messages readied us to be prepared for the assimilation of our journeys…and Rasha’s work gives us a clear and updated roadmap with which to travel. It’s solid and practical information.

The teachings are deep, often surprising, and are presented in an extraordinarily easy and readable way. Learn more about parallel realities, manifesting, finding God within, inner peace, synchronicities, awakening, and ascension.

If you’ve been on the path for a while and have felt confused or unable to put all the pieces together, then this book is for you. It’s an outstanding addition to every seeker and finder’s bookshelf, and it is an invaluable source for answers and peace.

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