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From the desk of Rasha

November 2011

The significance of 11-11-11 can be viewed from a multiplicity of perspectives. The power many assume to be associated with the date itself is merely one aspect of the potential inherent in this crossroads in time and space. That power is not so much the result of a convergence of astrological factors, as the product of the power infused by human consciousness in response to what is considered to be a “mysterious” phenomenon.

At a higher level, there are aspects of the consciousness of each of you, ready and waiting to assist in the shift in awareness that is slated for all of you. Collectively—for at that level, these aspects of individual Awareness resonate as One Being—the cue, “11-11,” was established as one that would be recognized as otherworldly and intriguing. The phenomenon captured the imaginations of many who, over the years, recognized the synchronicity in the uncanny experience of seeing “11-11” appear, when glancing at a clock—or any number of other manifestations—for seemingly no reason at all. The significance lies in your own recognition of the signal inherent in it. It is a reminder—not so much of where you are “headed” but of who you already Are.

It is a gentle nudge from within the depths of each of you, hidden in the midst of your busy day, that taps you out of nowhere and reminds you to stop what you are doing, if only for a moment—and simply Be. Side by side, each of you has learned to recognize the symbolism in this cue. Now, collectively, with the date 11-11-11, there came the opportunity to share in the revelation and to recognize that the changes taking place within each of you personally, are indeed taking place within all of you simultaneously.

Now, reflecting on the moment so many shared in sacred ceremony and in celebration, one begins to actually see the Oneness in the collective. One begins to recognize the perfection in a simple, inter-dimensional communication device that signals to you to stop—and to remember who you Are. And one begins to feel the harmony that is shared, as together you make the quantum leaps in consciousness slated for these times. So many of you stepped forth in response to this collective cue, memorialized by the intriguing date, 11-11-11. The opportunity now is to recognize the gift in it.

11-11-11 was not simply a mysterious, magical date that was long anticipated, joyously celebrated—and is now a memory relegated to the past. The opportunity is in the embracing of its significance as one that is to be carried forth by each of you, in every ongoing moment. The opportunity is to actually embody the realization of personal and collective Oneness that so many recognized and shared on that date. To know that this state of Presence is not simply something that eventually may “happen” to you someday, but is something that is ever-Present within you—as you—right Now.

As each imbibes and comes to embody the vibrational ramifications of such a shift in consciousness, collectively you begin to co-create the world you share as it is destined to be. Together, in your individual recognition of the profound personal transformation taking place within you, you contribute your own vibrational piece of the puzzle to the collective, which manifests as a world shared by all.

11-11-11 signifies a marker in time. It symbolizes a turning point in focus from one of personal transformation to one of collective transformation. Now, the secret is out! This journey in transformation is far too huge to be kept under wraps any longer. This date that has captured the imagination of so many, for so long, marks the point in time when that recognition reaches critical mass. It is the point when, quite suddenly, everyone recognizes the extraordinary shift taking place, and feels that it’s safe to acknowledge it.

Now, in the afterglow of the beautiful moments expressed in sacred ceremony, and in your reflection on the heartfelt words of prayer that were shared by so many, you can see how, in every ongoing moment, you are helping to birth a new level of mass-consciousness into the collective, simply by Being who you really Are. In those moments when you’re inclined to forget, you may just find that you glance at the clock for no reason at all—and it’s 11:11! And you’ll know that it’s Oneness, as your very own Self, giving you a wink.

September 2011

This is Oneness. You are hoping for some feedback on the state of the world, in this moment. We are here to remind you that fear—and the attendant suffering it brings—are optional. This always has been and always will be the case, in accordance with the laws that govern material existence. Of late, there have been a series of tragic and catastrophic occurrences in many corners of your world, one after the other. And there has been much speculation as to whether yet another episode—one of mammoth proportions—is hovering in the ethers of possibility, poised and ready to be summoned into manifestation.

It is important to remember that everything that “happens” in the collective reflection you think of as your world is the direct result of the vibrational dictates of the composite consciousness that serves to create it. Your innate tendency, as a population of beings, to give credence to speculation and rumors—seeded by a clandestine power structure invested in the need to maintain control through fear— helps to bring about these very disasters. The collective imagination has run wild now, exploring the projected outcomes that could, theoretically, come about, should certain prerequisite conditions be met. It is this very foundation of fear that runs as an undercurrent through the hearts and minds of humanity, which serves to create the conditions that manifest “worst-case-scenario” outcomes.

Certain prerequisite variables may well exist, as collective group karma—energy amassed and carried by particular segments of population over centuries—that has remained dormant. The stimulation of this energy to rise to the surface of public awareness, builds the charge to the point that release of this latent force is inevitable. The result is devastation. And yet, you may ask yourself, are these outcomes guaranteed? Are the conditions that served to create them irreversible? Is there anything that can be done to turn back the tides of terror that now sweep through your world population, and reinstate the conditions of peace and mutual well being that characterized your species from its inception?

To begin to grasp the answer to such questions, it is necessary to understand the nature of the process at hand—the process many refer to as “global transformation.” This is the thrust of the momentum that is driving the relentless changes you witness throughout your world. At the core of these changes lies the understanding that all of it—is energy. You are energy. Your world is energy. And the phenomena you experience as “life” are no more and no less than energy. The incidents that take place in the form of the insidious acts of certain beings amongst you are also no more and no less than energy. It is energy playing out through the vehicles of certain individuals, fueled by the energy of the collective.

The release of a measure of these volatile forces is inevitable. The accelerated vibration sweeping through your world serves to stimulate dormant density to the surface, seeking that release. A purging takes place, with a healing of the conditions that served to create such circumstances as the result.

The choice, in the face of such a scenario, is to be aware of the dynamics of the process and not to contribute to the exacerbation of those conditions by giving in to fear of what, at face value, may appear ominous. It is only energy—playing out as symbolism. Choose, in the face of what might confront you, to step aside. Change your location. Meet adversity with non-resistance. Allow the circumstances seeking to play out to be as they are. You do not need to be drawn into the full blown drama—not unless that is what you wish to experience.

The fact is, certain manifestations are, and will continue to be, taking place. And the energies that are fueling them will be released as a result. Whether you choose to remain in the face of those conditions is optional. Over time, one begins to be able to float over the surface of these kinds of illusory circumstances, contributing only the energy of one’s calm, centered Presence to the energy of the collective—declining the invitation of fear—knowing that abiding in one’s own inner peace is no less an option.

That is the highest contribution that can be made under conditions where political volatility and global unrest are the order of the day. Allow these dramas to unfold, as they will. Allow the posturing and counter-posturing to play out, as is its inclination. Become the witness, present at the sidelines, making the ongoing contribution of your Presence, your stability, your augmented vibration. That is the most direct way to bring about the positive change you would most wish to have take place—simply by resisting the temptation to jump in and “set things right,” thereby fueling the fire.

The transformation of your world is an inevitability that will come about. All that is yet to be determined is what will be experienced by each of you. That is a choice you are making in every ongoing moment—an opportunity enhanced exponentially by remembering who you really Are, in the heat of those moments. For, you Are Oneness incarnate—none other than That—having a physical experience within the context of a human form. Making the contribution to the collective of that level of Self-Awareness—and reaping the harvest of the inner peace that is your true nature—is the opportunity at hand, for each of you.

March 2011

This moment in time heralds a shift in human consciousness. Massive changes are at hand now and will continue to manifest in the days and weeks to come. The transformation slated for this moment in human evolution will not be unaccompanied by a measure of upheaval. And when taken at face value, it appears that a wave of senseless destruction has swept through your world and left tragedy and devastation in its wake.

"What possible reason would a loving, Almighty God have to permit such a situation to take place," you might be asking yourself. "What purpose could possibly have precipitated such conditions? How could circumstances like this possibly serve the higher cause of the evolution of human consciousness? And why would such intensive suffering be a part of the process of radical global transformation?"

In order to begin to grasp the significance of the conditions to which you bear witness, it is necessary to understand the nature of the circumstances that paved the way for them. Yours is a world conceived and created as a manifestation of the consciousness present at any given moment in time. Yet, the world to which you have borne witness during this physical lifetime is not one that was created within the confines of this lifetime. It is a world that rests on the crumbling foundations of a world conceived and structured for conditions long past. It is a system designed to sustain life under vastly differing vibrational conditions than the ones in which you, as a world population, find yourselves today.

The social, economic, and political structures that serve to support the matrix of life, as you know it, were not capable of sustaining life at the radically accelerated vibrational conditions of the world soon to come. The changes are taking place so swiftly and so dramatically within you all, that the radical alteration of the world that reflects those conditions was inevitable. It may appear that the conditions themselves, now unfolding in your world, reflect an overview that is heartless. Yet, from the perspective of the higher vision, the perpetuation of the archaic structures that have presided, and have not kept pace with the momentum of change, would be much more heartless.

A world society built upon a foundation of separation from its own Divine essence--a world where greed, selfishness, and personal gain preside at the expense of others--cannot sustain form under the coming conditions. There is no longer sufficient consciousness present, operating at those levels, to sustain such structures in form. Of necessity, the outmoded structures will give way to the impetus for radical transformation--the destruction of conditions that no longer reflect who you, as a collective of consciousness, have so rapidly become.

The change now at hand will manifest in many different ways. Not all will be as radical and devastating as the conditions now taking place in certain parts of your world. In most cases, the shifts will be more subtle, as social structures succumb with ease to the collective will of the consciousness present and adapt to the rapidly accelerating momentum driving these changes throughout all Creation.

The outpouring of compassion and universal, unconditional human kindness precipitated by the events at hand, are indicative of the direction in which you, as a world population, are headed in these times. Political boundaries will come to be seen as the pointless artificial lines of separation that they indeed are. Universal Love will be felt within the inner core of every being and recognized as the Force that unites you all in your ascent toward recognition of your Oneness with each other and, ultimately, Oneness with all Creation.

People will begin to rally and pull together in recognition of their collective ability to manifest dramatic change and co-create the world in which all will share. The concepts of self-empowerment that have been seeded amongst you in recent years will be put to the test and seen as the opportunities to rise to the occasion that they indeed are. The impetus toward harnessing the momentum of change will supersede the inclination toward victim consciousness that the outmoded conditions of the past might have precipitated. And you, as a world population, will rise from the ashes of what no longer serves you, empowered to create the world anew.

The spirit of renewal and rejuvenation will take precedence over the inclination to negate the reality of the changes at hand. It will be recognized as pointless to grumble that certain circumstances "should not have happened." The fact is, certain changes have happened. Resistance to the reality of what is will come to be recognized, universally, as counterproductive to the highest good of all. It will be obvious that to expend energy pointing fingers and casting blame for what will be known to be inevitable, is a futile exercise. And the power of harnessing the Present Moment--and the possibilities for manifesting positive change that it gifts you with--will be understood universally and embraced.

Each of you has that power within you. Now, in this very moment, it is entirely possible to rise to the fullness of your own capacity for transcendence and recognize the changes to which you bear witness as the gift they truly are. For, they herald a world liberated from the prison of corruption, decadence, and the suppression of hope. Resistance to the momentum of change now upon you will be as futile as an attempt at holding back the tides.

The Ocean of Divine Love has flooded your world now. The symbolism is everywhere you look--evidences of the external manifestation of that great Shift. In the aftermath, as you sift through the remains of humankind's resistance to it, the Source of that Love will be revealed. And it will be known to emanate from within the Heart of each of you.

January 2010

A bit of time has passed since we have shared a transmission in this way. We have taken a reprieve from the structure of “Oneness Speaks” and have allowed for a space of time, a pause in which the teachings themselves might be imbibed and assimilated, so that they might serve as a foundation for the understandings to come. Now, it is time once again to reach out and to share a message with an audience that has gathered from every corner of the globe, each in his own way, and knows it is ready to receive it.

This is a time of transition for you as a world population. A turning point marked by the illusion of beginnings and endings. A stopping place along the way in a momentum that is ongoing and eternal. A time to begin to assess where we have been and where we are, indeed, headed. The journey taken can be perceived from the perspective of Now, but only in relation to a history of supporting evidence that places the details within a framework you think of as “change.” That momentum of change is ever-present. It manifests as experiential markers, birthed within the time-space continuum, that allow for the possibility that the process itself might be perceived from the standpoint of physicality and noted.

It is you, the collective of consciousness present in form, which watches in fascination as the evidences of “change” shape-shift again and again. It is you who yearn for an understanding of what is actually happening within you and the symbolism that is reflected back upon you …and around you …who have served as the catalyst for much of the drama that is witnessed. For, from the perspective of the infinite and eternal, there is no need for evidence of an ongoing momentum whose outcome is inevitable. From the perspective of Oneness, there is no need for “understanding” the nature of the forces that drive it forth. From the standpoint of All That Is, the momentum of change that has captured the imagination of humankind …simply Is.

You have chosen to be present, as consciousness in physical form in these times, in order to bear witness to these changes. You have chosen to be able to perceive from the standpoint of physicality, what is in fact, imperceptible. You have opted for the adventure of this particular physical incarnation in order to be able to do so.

The shifts that are taking place in the Universal momentum toward Divine Unity have taken an upsurge now. The transitions are coming swift and sure in rapid succession, moving steadily in a direction that is set, moving with a certainty that is unstoppable. All that is not aligned with the resonance of that accelerated momentum quickly falls by the wayside. Systems of belief crumble. Societal structures once considered indestructible are relegated to obsolescence. And the personal sense of self-definition that serves both as the source and the witness of these material reflections, refines and re-refines itself in an effort to keep pace.

It is no longer a secret that massive change is at hand. It is no longer a mystery that you are playing a role in bringing forth the evidences that characterize it, both personally and collectively. The monumental changes that manifest all around you have now become commonplace. They are no longer seen to be cause for alarm but, even in the aftermath of destruction, at a level that often defies logic, are known to be cause for rejoicing.

Change does not come about without a certain measure of upheaval, leaving the residual remnants of former manifestations in its wake. The ruins of the dismantled structures serve as the foundations upon which life builds itself anew. The freshness of what springs spontaneously forth is recognizable for its relevance in the ongoing Now moment, and is reflective of the vibrational building blocks, amassed collectively by the consciousness present, that serves to call it forth into form.

Thus, is the transformation of your world accomplished. It is not a process initiated by an external Source that thrusts these changes upon you and leaves you to contend with the inevitable challenges that come as its aftermath. These are changes summoned forth from the ethers by your own collective prescription for the redemption of your world. This is the reflection of your recognition, as a world population, that the way it is …is unacceptable. This moment in time you think of as Now is a pinpoint of collective awareness, in an ongoing history, which will document the process of emergence for a world in the throes of a birthing process.

The evidences of the ascension process are all around you, now. The collective consciousness that has brought these changes forth is resonating at a frequency that makes these transitions inevitable. And much like a wave that is building in strength as it builds in momentum, the pace at which this level of change can be anticipated will continue to increase. This is not something to be feared, although the conditions that may result will bring challenges with which all will contend, in one way or another. The impetus that drives these changes is a remedy for redemption that you, as a world population have cried out for…individually and collectively. It is the salve that will soothe the wounds inflicted by the denser vibrational conditions of a manifestation of time and space from which you have ascended. It is the healing that holds the promise of the world to come.

This turning point on your calendar, which you greet with an air of simultaneous celebration and trepidation, is a golden moment. It marks a shift and a point of emergence from which there is no going back. You have crossed the line collectively, now …though many may still be unaware of it. And the moments soon to come will bear the gift of eternal newness, under conditions of instantaneous manifestation, which will evidence for you the miracle you have prayed for. The power to change your world is in your hands, now …each of you individually, and all of you collectively. This moment of Now, shimmering with the promise of birthing Life anew, is an opportunity unprecedented in the course of human history. And all Creation is watching …to see how you choose to embrace it.

January 2009

On this occasion that symbolizes New Beginnings, you have been gifted with a rare opportunity. For, despite the fact that New Years have come and gone on a regular basis for millennia, this one in particular is unlike most that have marked the passage of time as you know it. This New Year heralds a shift that is unprecedented in the history of humankind.

Much has been written from the perspectives of ancient and modern-day cultural traditions, about the significance of these times. And many have interpreted these changes in ways that would have you approach the days ahead with trepidation. We have come to this moment to tell you that there is no need to do so.

The monumental changes that have been prophesied are already underway. The shifts that have been spoken of are within you. And collectively, as a population, you are creating the reflection of those vibrational circumstances, in the form you would recognize as your world. Massive upheaval is indeed at hand, yet it is far from out-of-control. Changes in your political and economic structures are to be expected under these conditions, as circumstances built on a foundation of compromised values cry out for rectification. Change is inevitable. For, these circumstances are only reflections. The real changes are taking place within you.

This New Year marks a turning point for humankind. It is a time of massive awakening to the true nature of your individual existence and the nature of the world you co-create together. In only a few short years, your world population has begun to come to terms with the possibility that the victim-consciousness that marked so much of your history is a choice that need not continue to be made. People from every corner of your world have begun to recognize the truth underlying the atrocity that has been perpetrated upon you and the need for massive change to a system that permitted such conditions to continue.

Those kinds of conditions cannot continue. Not simply because, to the kind-hearted amongst you, those conditions are morally unacceptable, but because those conditions are the physical manifestations of a vibrational encodement that is no longer calculated to hold such circumstances in place. Your world is in a different place in time now. And what appears to be evidence of radical change that seems daunting when taken at face value is, in actuality, evidence of the accelerating pace of an ascension process that is fully underway.

When you read the headlines of the publications that are documenting the events of these times, do so with an air of detachment. For those who are scripted to report these changes are conditioned to doing so from a standpoint of sensationalism, speaking to humankind’s fascination with misfortune and discord. Those conditions are shifting as rapidly as are the vibrational conditions underlying them. You may wish to condition yourself to resist the temptation to take all such reports literally.

It is to everyone’s advantage to respond to the news of the world in ways that are calculated to augment the energy of hope and heart-centeredness and to minimize the perpetuation of fear. When you reflect back upon the ethers your understanding of the role each of you plays in co-creating these conditions, you begin to step back from contributing a reflex reaction calculated to escalate adversity.

The times ahead are filled with wonder. Know that. You who have weathered many of the storms slated for these times on a personal level in the foregoing years, will begin to experience a shift in awareness now that accelerates rapidly. This heightened perspective on the world and your personal role in it will enable you to transcend some of the upheavals you will witness happening around you, as others begin to assimilate the new vibrational conditions and undergo radical life-changes. You will be in a strong position to contribute your moral support, having lived through many of the personal crises you will now begin to witness on the parts of others.

In contrast, your own circumstances may well appear to have stabilized, in comparison to what others may be experiencing. Certain trends may be all around you and yet, you will find that your own circumstances come through unscathed. Many will appear to thrive in a world in which much suffering may still be in evidence. That reprieve will provide the opportunity to deepen your understandings and your experience of the world within you.

As you awaken to the joys of self-discovery that are slated for the times ahead, all of the literal interpretations of the symbolism that swirls around you will appear to fade into the distance. These matters will seem somehow less important ...less earthshaking. And the moments of quiet delight, spent communing with the world within, will take precedence over tendencies you may have had to frame your world externally.

These are the changes that have been prophesied. This is the Shift of the Ages that has been heralded throughout recorded history. This is the momentum that has now begun to accelerate to the extent that it can no longer be ignored and dismissed by the world at large.

Most are still largely unaware of the truth underlying the changes all are watching. And at the same time, vast numbers of people are awakening to inner realizations of an inter-connectedness with a world beyond the limits of time and space. This is a time when all that was once held dear will be called up for question by the population at large on any number of levels, as it seeks to re-establish its equilibrium in a world that appears to be on shaky ground.

The New Year you have just ushered in will be one of unprecedented change ...and opportunity. Your response to the circumstances life provides you now will set the stage for the experiences to come. Many who read these words are destined to view the changes to come from an exalted vantage point and to ride the wave of the energies sweeping your world. It is you who hold the promise of the real change slated for these times.

August 2008

Rasha Speaks:
[Oneness, I sense there is much uneasiness back in the US over the state of the nation, the economy, terrorists, etc.. There seems to be an all pervading sense of fear enshrouding life there. What guidance can you offer us in these times regarding the state of the nation and the state of the world?]

Oneness Speaks:

The situation in the States and elsewhere in the world in these times, continues to be self-perpetuated, in that the collective consciousness is co-creating these very circumstance. The details manifest and dramas play out in accordance with the vibrational variables contributed by the collective of consciousness present. In order to shift these circumstances, it is necessary to shift the level of fear that is creating them.

It is a self-perpetuating spiral of adversity that continues to escalate in response to people’s reactions to the circumstances that manifest. In order to break these patterns and reverse the trend that is depleting the spirit of the nation, hope must be instilled, rather than the steady diet of fear with which these people are being fed.

It is true that the circumstances can appear grim and discouraging. Yet, these circumstances are simply a reflection of the energy that creates them. Focusing the attention of the masses on projects earmarked by good and by hope, by enthusiasm and by the elevation of the spirit, the mass consciousness is infused with an augmented vibration, and is able to draw from that wellspring, in co-creating a world with more promising indications of a peaceful future.

The Summer Olympic Games can serve that end in a powerful way, if public attention is able to be directed to the human aspect of these events ...the sense of individuals giving it their all, to establish a personal “best” through particular activities. The morale of the world population will be elevated significantly by the heartwarming stories that will begin to be generated around this activity. And the energy of the world can be augmented significantly as a result.

On an individual basis, were one to choose to focus one’s attention upon the joyousness of excellence-in-action and back away from the contributions of the doomsayers in the media who are intent upon placing undue emphasis on negative incidents in their reporting, each one is able to imbibe and to reflect back upon the ethers the highest contribution.

Individually, each of you plays a powerful role in co-creating the circumstances with which all contend collectively. This is a basic cornerstone of the understandings imparted in these teachings. Were each of you to apply these understandings now, and use the catalyst of the Olympic Games as a tool for the elevation of mass consciousness focusing one’s attention on the Unity
portrayed in the hopes and dreams made manifest by these young ambassadors from all corners of your world as a world populace could well take a quantum leap in the elevation of the collective circumstances with which all contend.

The humanity that unites you is the key to making the most of the opportunity with which these Olympic Games have gifted you. Focus upon the heart of these moments of triumph ...the essence of humanness that brings it all to life. And resist the inclination to be drawn into the sense of nationalistic competition that reinforces and perpetuates your separation from each other.

The Olympic Games, potentially, present to the world an illustration of Oneness in action. Each of you can choose to view these events and the performers who are illustrating them for you in a way that heals the fragmentation each of you carries within you. The differences that keep you separate from each other are illusory. In truth, there is little difference at all. In your core essence, you share a common bond that transcends the differences perpetuated by the hoopla of such events.

The days to come are a gift, an opportunity to tap into the collective heart of humanity. That heart center, symbolized by the young athletes who have risen into the spotlight, to shine in the public eye for a fleeting instant, is where you live, collectively. It is the sacred space that unites you in the promise of a moment of triumph, and works to help you transcend the momentum of despair that beckons to you to give credence to other circumstances, that are in themselves, only symbolic illustrations ...a vibrational encodement that has come to life.

The days to come could be a turning point for humanity, were you all to embrace the potential with which these circumstances have been infused. It is an opportunity to step back from what presents itself to you at face value, and choose to see it as the vivid symbolism that it truly is. The illustration is rich, as is the potential it holds for you all, to unite the hearts of the world in a collective moment of Oneness.

May 2008

Rasha’s revelations:

I've been sitting here reviewing the transcriptions and writings that were documented over the last few years, and I came across a paragraph written in September 2006:

“I feel the Presence of Oneness now so completely. Yet it never ceases to amaze me that this continues to be so. I feel the Presence of Rasha receding into the periphery of this awareness now. And the Presence I experience as presiding in this form is most definitely that of Oneness. Oneness is diligently documenting these words, as though they were being channeled. They are the sentiments of Rasha, now seemingly coming from somewhere far distant from here.”

Suddenly I stopped dead in my tracks. Who is it that “feels the Presence of Oneness” in this way? And who is it who “feels the presence of Rasha receding into the periphery of this awareness?” Clearly the one who is feeling these things is neither Oneness nor Rasha, but something else altogether! The medium for perception ...what has been termed the “consciousness” the only possibility. It is the hardware, deluding itself into thinking that it is whatever program happens to be playing at the time. And it is the software that makes that perception possible. When all the while, the impression ...the assumption ...has always been that who I am is the data itself! I believed that who I “am” is whatever happens to be expressing itself through this body/mind mechanism. It is as though the CD player believes itself to be the song!

I know that I have danced with these concepts for years and have written bits and pieces of these Revelations many times before. Perhaps I have even had this level of impactful “Realization” before! And, somehow I simply don’t remember it. So, the “default setting” of the Rasha identity re-sets itself. And this medium for self-perception gets to wake up one more time, despite the fact that it has already had the experience of Self-Realization umpteen times before. What a bizarre movie this has turned out to be.

I see that I am able to flip between the channels at will now. I can “tune in” the perceptions of Oneness virtually at will. Ah! Now there’s a concept. “At will.” What will? Does this consciousness have “a will”? It seems to have the ability to direct the focus of the awareness of this vehicle ...on any of a number of levels of self-perception. And all of it ...individually and collectively ...could be none other than Oneness. When I shift the awareness of this vehicle to that place of Self-perception, the wonderful inner glow that marks the Presence of Oneness clicks into place instantly. And the medium for perception gets to feel experience ...myself from the perspective of Oneness.

I see that it is an infinite menu of possibility. It is all a matter of what I choose to perceive! At this point, I seem to have refined the ability to do that. I can choose the perspective of Oneness. It is that simple. Or I can choose any of an infinite number of variations on the theme of limitation ...and perceive that to be what “is.” Now, in this instant, I seem to be tuning in the perceptions of Oneness, and, once again, these perceptions are being documented automatically through the medium of this vehicle. I begin to see what is going on.

Oh my! I do see it! Who I Am never changes. What changes is the experience of it. And I can modulate that experience by directing the focus of my awareness and perfecting my skill in holding it steady ...unwaveringly ...upon the setting calibrated to tune-in the perceptions of Oneness!

Once we have done all the work ...once we have released all the emotional baggage, once we have refined our understandings and released the beliefs that would tether the possibility of perception to a particular mode of experience ...the mechanism is liberated! It is free of the filters that color the experience. It is in a mode of consummate receptivity ...a position that is devoid of bias.

It is like a car that is cruising along in “neutral”; propelled by the momentum of the moment; fully surrendered to embodying the Nowness of this particular instant of physicality. It is free to respond to the direction of the focus of awareness that is driving it. And the focus is locked-in on the vantage point of Oneness. It is now no longer under the influence of the vibrational constraints that characteristically lock the “setting” into the perception of particular levels of limitation. It is Oneness experiencing itself as Oneness! I see it. It is so very clear!

So who is it who “gets it” in this moment? No one gets it! The perception of “getting it” registers as experience within the context of the body-mind mechanism that Is and shall ever Be the medium of ...Oneness.

So, ok Oneness. I know that there are infinite levels of perception within the range that could be termed “Oneness.” Let us venture forth within that mode in this moment. Let us speak about “free will.” Is that a capacity that is part of the program of this medium for perception that is being referred to here as “consciousness?”

Oneness Speaks:

Let us take this moment and deepen this connection. Let us shift into the mode of consummate receptivity that characterizes this connection. For, despite the expressed understandings that it is indeed, all Oneness, there are vast ranges of possibility within the context of that category of Self perception.

The Presence that you have come to term “Oneness” is a calibration far removed from the level in which that same Divine Essence is perceived in the course of daily life, at this juncture. Ultimately, the perception of Self will be that of the heightened level of Presence you have come to experience as “Oneness” during these sessions.

Oneness speaks about “free will.”

The “free will” to which you refer is the capacity that is subject to the inclinations of the “soul.” This is the first time in these writings that we have used this word. The soul is Oneness ...with identity. The free will that is expressed is inherent within the context of physicality, in which Oneness has chosen to experience our Self.

The characteristics you would consider to be “you” ...that which differentiates you from what you would consider to be “others” is the sum-totality of the coloration carried forth from lifetime to lifetime, and is perceived as experience. All of it is no more and no less than energy.

The soul is who you Are. It is Oneness ...experienced as “you.” It is Oneness, veiled by the intricate layers of density carried forth from lifetime to lifetime. It is Oneness, colored by layers of vibration that can be perceived as difference. It is Divine Unity ...sameness wearing the trappings of distinction that can be perceived only within the context of the world of duality. Free will is the inevitability of action within the sum-totality of that vibrational equation.

It could be said that there is, in actuality, no such thing as “free will.” Action is simply the manifestation of energy through the medium of physicality. What can be affected is only the natural alignment of the focus of the attention of the mechanism of consciousness. When that focus of attention is directed upon the highest possible level of self-perception in any given moment, the vibrational configuration that determines experience is re-calibrated, and a different “choice” is perceived as having been enacted.

Within the range of all possibilities at any given crossroads, all that can be altered is the vibrational level that translates as experience in a given moment. That vibrational calibration is perceived within the context of experience. As such, it could be said, technically, that there is no such thing as “free will.” And yet, the consummate force driving the entire process toward Divine Unity has the option, in any given instant, to recognize itself, and to direct itself toward alignment with its own Essence. And so, the perception of choice is experienced.

Yet, in actuality, all that truly has occurred is the alignment of the body/mind mechanism either with Divinity or with separation. That is the only choice possible. All else plays out accordingly as experience, commensurate with the vibrational variables carried within the context of the vehicle for perception ...the body/mind mechanism one perceives as oneself.

And so, one inches through the labyrinth of physicality, coming closer and closer to the experience of Self-perception as the Oneness that one in fact Is ...having peeled back yet another veil of density that would color the perception of self as characterized by separation from that very Divine Essence. The alignment of the focus of attention upon one’s own innate Divinity ...or upon separation from it the only choice possible. This is the basis of what has come to be termed “free will” ...and is experienced accordingly.

Thus, in every moment, at every crossroads of possibility, the question at hand is actually not “what do I wish to do” but rather ...Who Am I? What is the nature of my essence? Where do I align myself? Is it toward the truth of my Essence? Or is it away from it? Is my Essence that of Oneness? Or is it within the context of separation from Oneness? This is the exercise of “free will” that is enacted with every waking breath. Ultimately, the layers of density are peeled back in this way and one’s True Essence shines forth as the only possibility. Unwavering. The highest outcome to the scenarios that are perceived within the world of form, as experience, manifest accordingly.


April 2008

A Place of Stillness

slow and deep…
and let this moment of
engulf your senses once more.

Allow all the cares and concerns…
all that’s been carried forth
from the world of the material…
to melt
into the periphery
of your awareness now.
There is no need
for the imagery of
the material illusion
in this place.

This place of Stillness
beckons to you
with a vista
of a different nature.

there are no deadlines
to be met,
no goals to be reached,
no challenges to be overcome.
Here there are
no regrets…
no remorse
for scenes that might be
played differently,
if only
you could roll back the clock.

in the realm of the timeless,
that past…
and all the attitudes
and judgments
you’ve carried with it…
are suspended.
Set down the burden
if only for this moment.
Set aside the striving,
the yearning,
the unfulfilled longing…
just for now.
Let it go.
Let it all go.
And simply…
Be Still.

Take this moment…
this indescribable moment
of wonder…
this NOW…
and simply Be
within its embrace.
Just breathe.
There’s nothing at all
that needs to be accomplished
in this moment.
No lists.
No reminders.
No logistics.
Just you.
You…and the
Infinite Stillness.

is Oneness.

We have come
to this moment together
to encounter ourSelf.
To share
the touch of the timeless.

We are here
to remember
what has never been forgotten.
We are here to remember
what is carried silently

These memories
are not within the mind.
But glow
within the heart
of all of us.
We awaken together
to the feeling of
this silent knowing.
We reach out
in a moment of pure surrender
to touch and be touched.
To give and to receive.
To Love.
to Be Loved.
And to
Be Love.

in the embrace of
the Infinite Stillness
this simple truth
awaits you.
It is a knowingness
that goes unspoken.
It is felt.
It will not be understood.
It can only
be known.

we encounter
the precious truth
harbored within the depths
of each of us.
The simple truth
that unites us all
in a breath
of Oneness.

We Are
that Oneness.
We Are the dance of the ages
coming to fruition
in this moment
of Stillness.

We Are
the song unsung,
the unwritten symphony,
the melody
and the harmony
that re-echoes
within the heart
and soul
of every being.

We Are
the answer
to the questions
that words cannot touch.
The answer to the prayers
that go unspoken...
that are known
and felt
in the timeless depths
of memory.

We Are the longing
to return to
the Source
of our beginnings
with your every nuance,
your every shadow,
your every dream

We have nudged you
and tapped you…
ever so gently.
We have prodded you
to awaken
from the waking sleep
of mundane existence.
We have whispered to you
in the inner recesses
of dream state…
Be Here.
If only for a moment.

For it is you
who holds the answers…
not merely the questions.
You hold the key
to Eternity.
You hold it all,
within the silent depths
of Now.

Slow and deep.
And allow yourself to open.
like a shy flower
to the joyous reunion
that awaits
in this garden
of delight.

For, We Are
the warmth
of the morning sun
that glistens upon you
in celebration
of this day of newness.
And we are
the sweet fragrance
within you
that greets us in reply.

We Are
the Sacred Essence
within your own
very depths.
The secret knowing
of Life Itself .
for this moment
of Oneness…
with you.

That indescribable glow
silently shimmering
within your heart center,
in this moment,
is not
the product
of your imagination.
It is so very real.

You have not dreamed
this feeling
of Oneness
with your own
sacred Self.
You have simply
remembered it.

You have
retrieved it.
You have retrieved
the touch
of this Love
from the realm of the timeless.
You have re-activated
the compass within
that points
the way.

in the Stillness
you have touched it.
A fleeting moment
of wholeness .
The unmistakable touch
of Divine connectedness.
The touch of
the Love
you silently
yearn for.

is a moment
of Oneness
with who you really

Slow and deep.
And let us simply
Be Here…
In this precious moment
of Now.


January 2008

Rasha speaks:
The intension is set and with it comes the all so familiar feeling of melting into communion with Oneness. Only a fraction of a second passes now....

Oneness is fully Present in form:
...and We Are This once more. In an instant, the shift has taken place now. The Presence in the body is that of the expanded Source We have come to know as “Oneness.” Yet, it is a state of Self-recognition that takes place now, rather than a sense of a separate presence identifying something that it considers to be other than itself. It is Awareness, turned inward upon itself, that is experienced in this moment. A state of Self-Awareness centered in the Here and Now, within the context of form.

It is the possibility of this same Self-Awareness that beckons to all in these times. Not only to the relatively few who have made the commitment to the spiritual focus that transforms the phenomenon perceived as “life” into one that ceases to be recognizable. This flicker of Self-Awareness nudges you all from within now. It hints at a possibility for which there is no frame of reference, and no sense of direction. And most are only marginally aware that something absolutely remarkable has, in fact happened. Most are still too consumed in the mundane chatter that clutters the mental circuitry to notice the inner voice that has begun to call: Be Still ...and simply Be Present.

For others, a delicate balancing-act begins to evolve that enables those who have come into Awareness to continue to function in the outer world, as the pathways to the realms within continue to deepen. And this netherworld between the material and the spiritual aspects of Self recognition commands one’s focus of attention ...and hints of a profound sense of clarity that remains just out of reach.

And so it will remain for you who know the truth of who you Are ...philosophically; you, who have read the books, and attended the workshops and seminars that are calculated to point you in a direction that is actually well known to you. You ask yourself, from time to time: what’s missing? Why has the spiritual attainment you have been told is your birthright, continued to elude you? Why do you continue to hover between two worlds ...knowing you are not fully invested in either of them?

So long as there is credence given to a focus on the material, and an expenditure of attention made in the comings and goings of the illusory drama you think of as your life, you will continue this hovering. It is a sense of being tantalizingly close to something that is yearned for inwardly, and at the same time, not dared to be hoped for by the logical mind.

It is a bit like indulging fully in the aroma of a wonderful meal, without sitting down to eat it. And so, you continue to sniff ...and to salivate. And to tell yourself that you’re much too busy with your worldly commitments to sacrifice the time. You hedge your bets. You play at being spiritual ...going through the motions of spiritual activities while a world of wonder continues to wait within you.

The energies that surround you are building rapidly now. And they are calculated to nudge you ever closer to your consummate destination. This calendar year that has just begun will bear witness to an unprecedented upsurge in the force that propels all Creation toward a consummate state of Self-Recognition. The floodgates of Divine Life energy have begun to open now. And those of you who are prepared to surrender fully to the invitation it bears will be carried effortlessly to a heightened level of Beingness that is indeed your birthright. Those who continue to resist the impetus of change that drives these forces will experience continued uncertainty and a prolonged sense of struggle with the mundane issues that continue to command your every waking moment.

Know this: Life is not meant to continue as it has been. Now the moment has come for a total shift in your relationship to Living. It is one that does not sacrifice your aliveness, as you lay to rest much that once seemed meaningful to you, but enhances it exponentially.

You are as a seed that has only known darkness. You are driven, with propulsion that is incomprehensible yet cannot be denied, to continue embodying a momentum that seems to have been programmed into your very being. And you haven’t a clue how very close to the surface that separates the worlds you actually are. All you have to go on is an instinctive sense of trust in a process that quite possibly makes no sense at all. You are the seed that has become the sprout. You trust. For in the depths of your eternal Being know. Something unimaginable is about to happen. And life as you know it may never be the same again. You really are that close. And the moment of daybreak is right on the horizon.

This New Year is unlike the others that may have gone before. For this is a threshold defined by an unprecedented sense of immediacy ....of Nowness. All can sense it. And some attune themselves instinctively to the momentum of change it heralds for the days soon to come.

Now is the time to allow one’s focus of awareness to shift ever-inward.
Now is the time to relinquish one’s grasp on the illusion of security that one is conditioned to seek in the familiar. Now is the time to trust in something deeper ...something that calls to you from the epicenter of your very own being: Stop. Stop all this incessant running and doing. And simply Be Here.

Who you are becoming is programmed within you. It is a momentum that is unstoppable. And attempts to resist that inevitability will only prolong the sense of being neither here nor there, but suspended in a netherworld that hovers between what once was valid, relevant and meaningful ...and is no longer ...and what is yet to be.

This time of New Year is a line of demarcation for many. It marks a turning point in a process that is actually timeless. This is the crossroads in time/space that you were programmed to encounter. This is the place where you encounter the invitation to journey forth on a road less traveled ...a road soon to be discovered by all.

The surge in the energies that define this time of new beginnings has swept you up into the arms of this Now moment. It is an instant of transition and of transformation. Not simply within the depths of each of you, but in the manifestation of the world that reflects who you are ...collectively. You chose this incarnation in order to be present, experientially, as part of this monumental turning point in the history of humankind.

You are here to add your own resonance to an equation that has far-reaching significance, not simply for this time and place you think of as the Here and Now of your world ...but throughout all Creation. You chose to be part of this. For at the level of awareness that represents who you truly Are, you knew that this would be a turning point, at a soul level, that was not to be missed.

Now is the time to focus upon that inner knowingness. Now is the time to consider carefully the distractions that keep you bound in circumstances you have outgrown and which no longer serve the higher expression of who you really Are. Now is the time to come home to yourself. To ask the big questions. And to recognize that the answers are already there.



October 2007

A Journey Home

Allow the magical medium of breath
to carry you now ...and lift you up
into the Eternity of the ethers,
wherein you truly dwell.


This being
who is oriented toward the material forms of perception
is not at all the definitive expression
of who and what you Are.


The sacred Essence
that glows at the heart
of your Eternal Being
is the transcendent expression
of the one you have come to think of
as “you.”


It is this expression of the universal Self
that shares in this moment
of Oneness.


Oneness has emerged
from within the depths of each of you now.


Now, in this very moment.
A moment that is, to outward appearances,
not unlike all the others.
Moments that melt together into a blur,
amid the whirlwind of activity
you think of as “your life.”


Now, it is time to stop all that.
Time to step back
from the frenzy of purposeful “doing”...
and simply Be.


“Now” is a moment
etched in the embrace of timelessness.


A breath of Eternity,
made manifest...
simply by allowing yourself
to be fully Present
in this fleeting instant of Union...
and allowing yourself the experience
of Grace.


Let us be Still Now.
Let us hold this inner silence
as we would a Beloved.
It is a sacredness
that is shared.


Where the pulse of two Loves
beat together...
and emerge as One.


One Love.
One Lover.
Expressed in the intimacy
of this Now moment.


A breath becomes a caress.
And reveals a knowingness
that transcends the need for words.
You feel it.
And you simply know...
without knowing how you know...
that Divinity is at work here.


We have come to this moment
to share in the revelation
of that indescribable knowingness.


We have come to this moment
of re-Union
to taste, yet again,
a moment our hearts have memorized.


We know this embrace.
We have been lost
in the arms of this Love before.
So many times
it defies the imagination.


And yet,
each time we surrender
to the inevitability of this embrace,
it’s as though it were the first time.


And the miracle of
Divine Love
pulses through form,
like a song without end...
and sweeps us
into the rapture of Oneness
once more.


Take a moment now
and simply breathe it in.


Breathe the Eternal Life
which you Are
deep into the sacred core
of your Being.


Let the images melt away
from your mind.


Let the thoughts,
which might seek to define this moment,
surrender ...and be Still.


This indescribable feeling...
is all that exists.


is all that remains
when the imagery of the material world
is allowed to melt
into the periphery for a time...
and then, perhaps,
to disappear completely.
If only just for Now.


This extraordinary feeling,
which is unquestionable,
yet you would not know
how to begin to explain...
is All That Is.


This is who you truly Are.
This feeling of wholeness.
This indescribable sense of Presence.
This Isness.
This Oneness.


Let the Oneness...
that we have birthed
into the medium of physical perception...
linger now ...for just a moment.


Let it shimmer!
Silently, breathing in its own delight...
emerging within the inner recesses
of our own sacred Self.
And marveling
that we have brought
the magical sense of
into the Here and Now
of our worldly lives.


Let us give our Self permission...
to simply Taste it.
To savor it.
To experience it.
To know it.


As we would know the intimacy
of a Lover.


The moment is here for the Tasting.
It is not here to be clutched at,
or captured ...or caged.
You can not imprison
a moment of sacred Union
with Oneness.
You can only Be in this moment Now.


And that sense of Now
can be created...
and re-created ...eternally.
Simply by surrendering
all resistance to it.


And in the same breath,
by focusing your intension,
and focusing your attention ...
focusing it
with the precision of a laser...
on your unquestioning knowing
that this connectedness
with your own sacred Essence
is right ...Here.


Right Here.
Waiting for you to affirm it.
With your presence.


You have brought
into the moment-to-moment
of physical perception.


You have breathed
Life Eternal
into the illusory world
you call your “home.”

You have gone
on a timeless Journey...
in the space of a moment.


And in the space of
another moment ...or two....
you will release this timeless embrace
and return
to that material sense of “home”.


But this “Home”
will never have left you.
Even if
we never venture into the depths of
this embrace...
in this way ...again.


For this “Home”...
the “Home” you have touched-on
in this fleeting moment of
Divine Union...
is one you carry
within you.


It is not out there
in the physical world,
intertwined with your material world obligations...
and the trappings of identity
with which you seek to
define yourself
and set yourself apart
from all else
that competes for your attention.


This “Home”
goes along for the ride.


You have chosen
a physical incarnation,
through which to express...
and through which to affirm...
who you Are


Know that you are free
to take this “Home”
out into the world.
Any time you choose to.


In the midst of a maelstrom.
In moments
when you may be convinced
the world has gone mad,
this “Home”
is right Here.


in the very center of the cyclone.
Where none of that illusory discord
can touch you.


Right here,
in the sacred inner core
of your Eternal Being.


No further away
than your next breath.


In those moments,
when the circumstances of life
vie to distract you from
this focus...
is the time to remember.


In those moments
when the trials of life and living
challenge you... and try your endurance...
is the time to remember.


To remember the authenticity of


And in that remembrance...
in that shift of
the focus of your attention...
from the details of the illusion
to the sanctity
of your true Home...
is the doorway
that takes you there!


to this moment
of Oneness.


Home to the Love
that been there...
waiting for you...
all along.


We will always be here for you.
Whether you choose
to re-visit this moment ...or not.


Oneness does not go away.
Even in the darkest moments of life...
the moments when you feel
most alone.
Oneness never goes away.


We are right Here.
As we have been for all Eternity.
Right Here.
Loving you.
Holding this space for you.
And waiting ...



August 2007

The following information may be considered by some
to be extremely controversial!


Hello Dear Friends,

I’m writing this in response to the many requests I’ve received for guidance regarding the organization calling itself “Oneness University.” Since so many people are now asking me whether there is a connection between my own work, as the messenger of the teachings of “Oneness”, and the group who are liberally dispensing “deeksha” and “Oneness Blessings” ...which is headquartered in India ...I’ve been guided to come forth with this information.

Let me state, right up front that I am in no way associated with these people. The book, Oneness, which I transcribed (ISBN# 0-9659003-1-2 Earthstar Press), does not in any way reflect the teachings, the energies, or the spiritual/political influences of those representing themselves as “Oneness University.” The Source of my own work is Oneness, the Divinity we all share. The teachings I received and transcribed were provided to empower each of us to make the transition between intellectual belief and the actual experience of a Divine connection an intensely personal way ...each of us within the sanctity of our own inner being. The “Oneness University” phenomenon appears to be quite another matter.

My first-hand observations, while living in India, of many who had just completed the increasingly popular, $5,500/21 day program under the auspices of “Oneness University” and their founders, Bhagavan (a.k.a. Kalki Avatar) and Amma, were puzzling and led me to do some investigating of my own. The town in South India where I’ve been living for several years is just a few hours drive from the “Oneness University” headquarters, and is a frequent next-stop on the itinerary of spiritual seekers from the West.

What I saw and heard, in speaking with a growing number of these people over the course of more than a year, was disturbing. Many of them were wandering around, completely disoriented. Some of them had become physically ill almost immediately after leaving the 21 day course. And virtually all of them reported that the circumstances of their lives had begun to deteriorate dramatically.

Instinctively, based on the intense training I’d had through my journey with Oneness, I recognized the signs of energy depletion. And, in trying to piece together the signs and symptoms of a phenomenon that simply didn’t add up, I suddenly found myself steeped in a crash course in the science of energy manifestation and the inner workings of “guru-dom.” What I learned was absolutely fascinating.

The first question that sprang to mind was, “where does this energy actually come from?” And that question opened the door to a vast science, underlying the phenomenon of the transmission of energy ...often in the guise of a Divine connection. I came to understand that most “gurus”, whether legitimate or not, come to work with a Tantric practitioner, in the course of their preparation to hold extremely high levels of energy and transmit it to others. In India, this is virtually standard-procedure and an important stop along the way on the inner path to becoming “a guru.”

In India, the sacred science of Tantra is an ancient spiritual art, focused in the manifestation of energy and the altering of material circumstances, through highly exacting rituals and vibrational formulas. In its purest form, White Tantra, this has nothing whatsoever to do with the X-rated reputation the word “tantra” has garnered in the West. The work with a White Tantric practitioner serves to fortify the energy field of the would-be “guru” and helps to turn him/her into a virtual force-field, through which the transmission of “shaktipat” or “deeksha” may then be possible.

These Divinely-focused and incredibly dedicated Tantrics, taught in the ancient oral tradition by their fathers and grandfathers over thousands of years, are amongst the true angels of this world. Unbeknownst to most of us, they are tucked-away in India, performing their timeless rituals ...and secretly “making-miracles” for us all ...and for the planet we share ...during these challenging times.

When the services of a White Tantric practitioner cannot be obtained, or in cases of calculated, money-minded empire-building, the aspiring “guru” will often turn to Black Tantric practitioners, (the Indian equivalent of black-magic) who are hired to work behind-the-scenes to supply the energy that fuels the organization ...for vast sums of money. When the exorbitant fees of these Black Tantrics start to escalate over time and cannot be paid as demanded, the project often begins to veer out of control.

Where one might naturally assume that an absolute fortune must be sitting in the “guru’s” coffers with which to complete building projects and other un-met commitments, in fact, the cupboards are bare. The situation becomes desperate. And suddenly, many of the goings-on surrounding the “guru” become puzzling and don’t add up. According to the information I received, this could well explain the phenomena I’d observed and the other reports from South India that just didn’t make sense.

At the same time, you might ask yourself “what’s the harm in it, as far as I’m concerned? Energy is being transmitted through “deeksha.” That has to be good. Right?” This question opened up an entirely different avenue of exploration. And the information I uncovered in delving into it, proved to be equally fascinating.

When a “guru” establishes a connection with a spiritual aspirant, through the imparting of energy ...often accompanied by a secret mantra ...a spiritual cord is established through which, in theory, the “guru” can continue to feed the student with energy. This is part of the timeless tradition of “guru” and disciple. And when practiced with integrity, it can supply the aspiring student with an abundant energy-boost that can greatly accelerate the process of spiritual transformation. It is for this reason that so many feel guided to seek to affiliate with an Indian “guru”, to receive “deeksha” or “shaktipat”, or simply to be in the physical presence of such a one, whose vibration is extremely high.

What we often don’t suspect, is that the spiritual cord which the “guru” establishes with his student through these practices, is able to carry energy both ways. When the “guru” has dubious connections himself, or has motives that are rooted in ego and spiritual empire-building, the cord can be used to direct the energy-flow the other way and literally “vacuum-out” the unsuspecting student, vibrationally. This could explain why, after being in the presence of certain “gurus”, what may have started-out feeling quite nice, suddenly doesn’t feel good at all.

Initially, in these unscrupulous practices, the student is given a little dose of energy. At first. In this way, any doubts or concerns one may have had are soothed. And we become open ...and trusting. It is only later that the tap is re-directed, and the energy begins to flow the other way ...from the student to the “guru.” In cases where the integrity of the “guru” and his organization is further compromised by an affiliation with a Black Tantric practitioner, the unsuspecting student’s energy is actually sucked through the “guru” and filtered directly to feed the Black Tantric individuals who stand behind the entire “spiritual” super-structure.

In cases where certain individuals have received an initiation and are declared to be qualified to be giving so-called “deeksha” energy to others, a spiritual cord has been well established within them, to the extent that they would be able to function as mediums for the guru. And through these people, the energy of others can be drained. In this way, the insidious practice of energy piracy can be practiced clandestinely by certain so-called Indian “gurus”, while couched in lovely, believable-sounding spiritual jargon calculated to ensnare the hearts ...and wallets ...of sincere and financially affluent seekers in the West.

It turns out that this is a practice that is actually quite widespread in India ...and elsewhere. And according to the information I uncovered, this could well explain the mysterious symptoms so many have been reporting. Who would ever have suspected it?

So, what is the message to all of us, in revealing this perhaps astounding information? I would say to you that the lesson here is discernment. As western spiritual seekers, we are often naive and trusting where “gurus” ...and where anyone sporting a little amped-up energy concerned. We are often far too quick to give our power away and serve ourselves up on a platter, which we then place at the feet of someone whose affiliations may be questionable.

The opportunity in these times of mass spiritual awakening and inner re-directedness, is to become spiritually “street smart.” Everything coming down the spiritual pike is not necessarily Divinely-inspired. There are all sorts of scams, fronted by individuals who are parading around as “Divinity incarnate”, in these times. It is for those of us who are sincerely God-focused, to be extremely careful in selecting those who will help us on our own personalized path to the Divine inner-connection I’ve come to know as “Oneness.”

The message I documented in the name of that Source is a message of Self-empowerment. The teachings of Oneness guide us in sourcing the experience of the Divinity harbored within our own inner depths, without getting ensnared in the trappings of a spiritual hierarchy or a religious organization. Should we feel that the guidance of an incarnate teacher is desired, Oneness helps us to take care in selecting him or her.

The message in bringing the foregoing information to light is to encourage each of us to do our homework. Resources abound in these times that support us in investigating thoroughly those whom we may be considering as candidates for guiding us into the sacred ground that awaits us within. The internet is brimming with firsthand stories of those who have blazed the trail before us with virtually any “guru” you may be considering. Google them ...freely! You may find that by adding a word like “scam” to names you might wish to investigate, the Google results become particularly eye-opening.

I have hesitated a thousand times before choosing to come forth with the results of my own investigation into the dynamics of “guru-dom.” Some may wonder if I have personal motives for doing so. I can tell you, in all honesty, that I do not. My only hope, in presenting this information to you, is to spur you on to investigate for yourself, and to draw your own conclusions.

The book entitled “Oneness”, which I transcribed, is not associated in any way with any other teacher, guru, or organization that may also be using the name “Oneness.” I have, thankfully, never received “deeksha” or a so-called “Oneness Blessing” from anyone affiliated with the “Oneness University” people in India.

I realize that I have stepped way out on a limb in sharing this information with you. And I have done so because I felt deep in my heart that, in light of what I discovered, it would be irresponsible of me not to share it.

I wish each of you every joy and blessing on your personal journey to Oneness!


My open letter to you all, printed above, and the choice to come forth with it at this time, was inspired by the following passages, received from Oneness a few days ago. I am including the communication here, in its entirety, as the August selection of “Oneness Speaks.”

August 2007

Let the fullness of this Presence permeate your awareness in this moment. And let us know that we Are Oneness, together. Let there be no question or doubt of this. For we are here now, reminding you yet again of what is unquestionable. We have danced this dance so many times before, the footwork is as natural as breath itself. And yet, there is a newness to every step and twirl we take in the process of bringing this synchronization of the manifest and the un-manifest into the consummate state of Divine Union once more. We call this state of Beingness “Oneness.”

There are many who call this state of Divinity by other names. And they declare their allegiance to a myriad expressions of the same One Source. That does not make any of them more right or more wrong than another. It speaks to the diversity with which humankind has expressed its spiritual passion, since time immemorial. And they will continue to personalize this expression of Divine connectedness as we move more fully into these times of enhanced spiritual awareness. For that is the nature of humanness, regardless of whether one’s passion is toward the Divine or toward any other material expression of one’s experience in the realm of the physical.

The Here and Now in which you find yourself playing-out this journey in self-confrontation and Self discovery is a virtual kaleidoscope of impressions, each perceived vividly, and believed to be the definitive expression of universal truth. When one encounters a teacher, a path or a book that rings true, it is as though one has happened upon the ultimate word in spiritual expression. In that particular set of eyes, all else pales by comparison. And blinders are donned, from that point forth that could prevent the spiritual aspirant from becoming distracted by anything else that might beckon for one’s attention. What is less apparent is the extent to which others are having similar or identical experiences, albeit via a different avenue. The diversity in expression within the human populace presently making this journey attests to the individualized nature in which the collective unites, one heart at a time, into the embrace of Oneness.

There are those one encounters along the way who have devised methods that appeal to those seeking short-cuts and an effortless route to spiritual awakening. These tricksters and their methods are as timeless as the human quest for the Divine itself. Elaborate schemes are designed, and anointed with sacred-sounding jargon, that would lure the unsuspecting seeker into a false sense of security. It is through these compromised energies that many receive their very first taste of augmented vibration, and they are easily misled into believing that they have experienced Divinity made manifest at the hands of these individuals and the organizations they represent.

Many, unwittingly have lent their own hands to the perpetuation of spiritual scams that are essentially little more than financial empire building with a spiritual twist. Certain timeless spiritual truisms may be sprinkled liberally through their format, in order to win the public’s trust and attention. And in this way, the unshielded individual is able to be exploited, not only financially but divested of his resources of energy, in the process.

Many such scams have arisen in these times which are built on foundations of questionable motives and compromised practices. It is for the spiritual seeker to exercise discernment with regard to what is imbibed in the name of Divine Light energy. For, all that can be perceived as “energy” is not necessarily something that will speed you on your way to your rendezvous with Divinity.

Much that abounds in the spiritual marketplace in these times is energy that quite literally has “strings attached.” The token sampling of energies with which you are initially gifted, and which may seem harmless enough at first, may well come complete with energy lines, commonly referred to as spiritual “cords” through which your energies may continue to be drained over the course of time. Initially, you may well experience the feeling of elation or joy during these introductory sessions. Yet, as time goes by, you discover that you are not feeling at all blissful ...and that your circumstances have begun to deteriorate. Sometimes, when the practice of receiving these energy “treatments” has not been continued, it is difficult to make the correlation between the downward spiral one begins to experience and the initial, so-called energy “blessing” one may have received somewhere along the way.

The “cord”, by then would be well in place and would be serving those who have created these systems with an ever expanding source of energy with which to attract new followers. The largely unsuspecting givers of these energies are serving as mediums through which the life force of others can be filtered into a central core, through which escalating power and mind-control tactics can then be orchestrated.

It is your responsibility in these times, which are so ripe for the exploits of the spiritual opportunist, that you become discerning in what you choose to believe and what you choose to imbibe vibrationally. “Instant enlightenment” is not something bestowed upon seekers for a fee, hefty or otherwise ...regardless of what may have been claimed. And those who might have you believe that jumping on their bandwagon will get you an effortless ride to Self-Realization have given you something to question, rather than something to be automatically snapped-up.

The foundation of the teachings of this Source is Self-empowerment. The energies that others may be touting are the spiritual birthright of everyone in human form. This phenomenon of radiating “Divine Light” through the hands is not something new. And no organization has a trademark on it. As you elevate your vibration through your own conscientious, self-styled spiritual practice, you will discover that these energies flow through you as naturally as breath, in response to the focus of your attention. You are not required to declare your devotion to anyone in human form for this to manifest. It is a natural part of the human condition and has been so since humankind’s humblest beginnings. What differentiates those earlier populations from the one at hand is the widespread awareness of the spiritual awakened amongst you that this is so.

It is in the highest interests of anyone who considers himself to be on the journey to Oneness to be selective in what one chooses to receive in the name of that Divine Source. For the journey that some have packaged and will attempt to market to the sincerely trusting and the unsuspecting amongst you, is not one that needs to be delivered to you from another being any price. It is something that is readily available to you ...absolutely free of charge ...from the Divinity that waits within your very own being. That connection is best made within the sanctity of one’s own sacred self and doesn’t require fanfare, the trappings of methodology and complicated systems of man-made dogma.

It is all so simple. So pure. And so readily available ...when you cease seeking it from the world outside you ...and in the sanctity of your own Inner Stillness you recognize the Divine touch you yearn for as something that’s already there. And has been all along. You Are the Oneness that is sought. And you will realize the experience of it when you transcend the need to believe it. And allow yourself the grace to simply know it.

May 2007

Oneness describes the sacred state of Divine Union and reveals why we are here in physical form.

This is Oneness. This is the Presence that permeates your consciousness in this moment. This is the blissful union of which you are a part. This is the destiny toward which you journey. And this is the destination at which you have already arrived. This is the sacred contract that has been fulfilled, in perpetuity, with every nuance of your unfoldment. This is the promise that continues to be revealed within you, with every waking breath.

This experience of the embracing of your own Divinity is not an act defined in a moment, and thereafter relegated to something that has already happened. It is an experience that grows and deepens …an experience that continues to unfold that presents a newness with each embrace.

Every time we experience this union …this Oneness …we are deepening a bond that will only continue to grow eternally. Every touch of this Presence is like a caress. Every breath, bonded in the embrace of Presence, is Divine Love, revealing itself, and reveling in its own unbridled aliveness. There is no other within the context of this consummate embrace. It is Self, glorying in its own unfoldment, discovering the delights of its own Essence, mirroring its own sweetness through the perceptions of form.

We share in the experience of form. And we share in the experience of formlessness. For, in the exchange, you have revealed the true nature of your own Sacred Self, and the miracle of a birthing into awareness is experienced, through the vehicle of form, throughout the full multidimensionality of form and formlessness that is who you truly Are. This foray into the experience of Oneness, is not simply a one-on-one exchange. It is an exponential encounter, rippling out like a raindrop, into liquid stillness, touching every aspect of that Divine Presence with the sheer joy of it.

Your bliss, in this moment, is not your own. For to perceive it as an experience that is yours would be to contain it and imprison it …to withhold the raindrop from the ocean of perception that waits, yearning in anticipation, to receive it. This bliss is not at all your experience. For in the union that brings this joy into manifestation, is the relinquishing of the boundaries that would define that limited sense of self.

In the receiving of it, is the simultaneous relinquishing of the separation that would allow for the possibility that this experience …or any experience …would be one’s own. The sense of you-ness merges into a totality of perception. And the sense of who and what you Are takes on the coloration of an infinitely broader spectrum of possibility.

The one who is perceiving this moment of delight, is not at all limited to the linear you who began this lifetime believing in the illusion of that very separation and spent decade after decade creating a history of supporting evidence to bolster that presumption. Now you begin to be able to sense the monumental piece of fiction that has been created in the name of that minute shred of identity. You are so much more than that.

In this experience of Divine Nowness, where an unfathomable scope of awareness, hints at its own Isness, you, as the vehicle of linear perception, are able to translate the touch of the Supreme Lover into the language of linear experience … and through breaths of joy, give it definition. This is Who you Are, the microcosm and the macrocosm of your own exponential Isness, peering through the pinhole of your own minute vantage point, and gasping in wonder at implications that are magnificently incomprehensible …and at the same time, unquestionable.

Only though the shieldedness of that vision is the sublime sense of wonderment possible. For, in the fullness of that Infinite Awareness …all of it simply Is. So, by all means, perceive this moment with which you have been gifted. Feel the fullness of these delights. And know that is through the blessed perception of the sheer joy of your own Self-discovery, that you give the gift of that Love, in return.

With each set of eyes that is opened, with each blissful new awakening, the dance of the Divine Lover takes another step toward Ultimate Union. And with every glimpse into the secret inner sanctums of sacredness and delight, you add yet another caress to the experience of Divine Love that is here, for all the world to share.

This newborn moment is the gift. This miracle of Self-recognition is what we have come to this experience of incarnate reality to share:

in bonded union
with our own sacred Essence...
with full, conscious
Awareness of it.

That is why you are here. That is why you have come into form. That is why you are secretly so intrigued with the possibility of the world of the formless. And this is what keeps you searching for clues to the meaning of your existence, rather than simply allowing the bars of your outer prison to define your world.

The seeds of Self-discovery, planted so deeply within you, have begun to seek the Light. And, slowly, from the depths of self-imposed captivity, the seed of Divine Life is moving toward the experience of daybreak.

April 2007

This is the level of closeness your heart has hungered for. For, we are here with you now. This is Oneness. This is who you Are. You cannot lose this connection. You can only distance yourself from the experience of it and delude yourself into concluding yet again that the physical identity is who you are.

Now, in the depths of this sacred embrace, you recognize yourself, once more. For, this is Life embracing Life …Love embracing Love …becoming, ever evolving into a deepening expression of its very own essence. This Presence is not a static condition …no more than you, the physical expression of that Presence, are or have ever been. This Presence itself is ever expanding, defining and re-defining the scope of its Isness …Being …and experiencing …all that encompasses its own ever-unfolding expression of Infinite Possibility.

Many will taste of this sense of connectedness. For, that is the nature of what is to transpire within the sacred inner Self of those who have counted themselves as present in these times. They have come for the experience of awakening. They have volunteered to experience the full gamut of possibility in one physical lifetime, so that they might cull the experience of sacred knowingness from the complexity of the dramas of physical incarnation.

Shifting the scope of one’s faith from belief based structure to the experiential and irrefutable.

These times, and the conditions that define it and set it apart from the far distant worlds of incarnate memory harbored within the hearts of these souls, present that possibility. For within the flux of the shifting momentum that serves to structure your world, lies the components of that possibility. The monumental acceleration of the energies that build within you and around you are calculated to catapult you from the conditions that define the framework of recorded history to a world that continues to be structured and re-structured in the ongoing Now moment.

The changes you have experienced in your own lifetime are ones that, in times past, might have taken generations. And within the context of those blatant differences, lies the proof of the essence of Divinity that has thus far eluded most incarnate consciousness since time immemorial. The opportunity afforded by these times is the possibility to shift the scope of one’s faith in the nature of their Divine connection from the belief-based structures that emanate from mind to the realm of the experiential …and irrefutable.

Withdrawing from the need for external validation.

There is no room for inner debate over what you know you have tasted with the essence of your own inner Being. With that recognition, comes the understanding of the pointlessness of debate with others who may or may not have shared that experience. Whether or not they agree or disagree is irrelevant. And each will have the sense of wanting to retreat into the sanctity of his own precious connection and to allow those who continue to focus on the need for validation from others to do so.

Many will begin to withdraw their energies from the hierarchical structures that seek to dominate the spirits and command the resources of others. For, the proponents of these structures themselves hunger silently from within for even a taste of the experience that they feel driven to force down the throats of others, in theory.

The authenticity of that experience does not require the consensus agreement of others in the flock within which you may once have counted yourself as present. It requires none of it …none of the structure, none of the ritual, none of the recipes for redemption that have been served up with elaborate fanfare by those who have seized the opportunity inherent in the spiritual thirst of others.

Transcending traditions of spiritual allegiance based on belief and embracing Divine knowingness based on firsthand experience.

These times offer the possibility to transcend the realm of faith based on secondhand experience. These times do not require you to cast your vote based on the spiritual affiliations of your ancestors. These times do not require the commitment of your heart unless your heart is truly in it. You are not being asked to place blind faith in a mode of understanding based on events said to have happened thousands of years back …if your own passion has not been kindled by it. These times afford you the opportunity to see for yourself. And then, not simply to believe it …but to know it.

That is why you have come. That is why you have ventured from the comfort of your own “home” into the wild landscapes this incarnation has provided. This is why you find yourself in a world that no longer seems to make sense. And that is why you look around you and wonder, silently or otherwise, if the world has simply gone mad. For the seeming senselessness of much of the drama that swirls around you is the pre-cursor to the purging that these circumstances cry-out for …vibrationally, and why the inevitability of change is the order of the day.

You have come as the witness …and you have come as a participant. You have come to co-create the world of wonder that looms on the horizon. And you have come to taste, firsthand, the physical expression of an experience that defies definition and structure. Each of you will confront it and embrace it in your own way. And each of you will weather the storms, both internal and external that that birthing into full awareness requires. You have not come to read about it in books. You have come to help etch those understandings indelibly upon your own compendium of consciousness …the volumes of memory that travel with you, long after the pages have withered.

The vibrational foundation for the inevitability of change in these times.

The catalyst for that level of change is all around you. It is in the very air you breathe and in the cells that imbibe it. The vibrational acceleration that accompanies the changes that have been scripted is calculated to stimulate to the surface all the residual evidence of the outmoded structure. The depths of the emotional body harbors eons of repressed experience, vibrationally, that the dictates of culture and propriety forced into the inner recesses of your being.

Those energies, buried within your own depths, seek to be released now. The energies flooding your planet call forth the vibrational density hidden within you all. And outbursts on an interpersonal level …and within the macrocosm of the world around you that reflects it ….are to be expected. The intensity of what you may be feeling will seem exaggerated in proportion to the events that may have triggered them. And yet, the authenticity of these expressions will compel you to transcend the reticence instilled by propriety and to cull forth from within your inner depths the emotional density you carry and the release of it that serves as the catalyst for change.

Who you are becoming defies the explanations of the logical frames of reference with which you have been programmed in this lifetime. Those standards of expectation were structured for a world that has long since been left behind. And one finds oneself establishing one’s own precedents, and blazing a trail of one’s own design that has little relation to what may have been anticipated.

You have come to this moment in your journey to set the roadmaps down for a time and to trust in the compass within to guide you in a direction you can sense at a level that cannot be explained, and which you feel compelled to honor, despite what others may have to say about it. You have come to the point of cutting loose from the constraints of obsolete obligations and allowing yourself the Grace of aligning yourself with your own inner truth …at all costs.

One’s priorities come up for scrutiny yet again in the course of this process of metamorphosis. And there is the inclination to trade-in sets of circumstances that focus on the amassment of material gain in deference to ones which offer the priceless gift of freedom.

You have come to this moment to begin to learn to fly and to relinquish the idea that you are required to keep two feet on the ground in the ways you have been programmed to do throughout this lifetime. There are no limits to what you are capable of experiencing and creating in this lifetime. There are no limits to the perception of this world of wonder and your place within it, beyond those you yourself embrace …through your choices.

The mirror of your own inner reflection is all around you now. And the nuances of that imagery begins to shift before your very eyes, as you continue to align with the resonance of a sense of self birthing itself anew from within. That self will continue to emerge throughout this lifetime and well beyond, as you continue to harmonize with the resonance of change that characterizes your world and all within it.

The allegiance one now feels compelled to pledge becomes an affirmation of all that one now recognizes that one has become …and a reflection of all that one now is not. For that allegiance is to one’s own inner truth and cuts one loose from the affiliations and ties once required by cultural conditioning. One cannot hope to fly to the heights of human experience and simultaneously remain bound to the expectations set down by a world fast becoming engulfed in the mists of a distant dream.

You are transcending that place in time by the minute. And where you now find yourself to be has only a passing resemblance to what was once recognizable reality. The political structures and spiritual hierarchies that held the hearts of human consciousness in place have begun to loose their grasp now. The world as you know it is shaking itself loose from these constraints. And in so doing, the consciousness present is freeing itself up to co-create this world anew as a reflection of hope and personal empowerment.

You have chosen to be part of this momentum, simply by being present. You have chosen to participate in a wave of transformation experienced collectively. For the catalyst for these very changes is you …each of you. Together, you have co-created these conditions vibrationally, with the vote cast by each of you upon the ethers of the collective. And together you have begun to experience the limitlessness of possibility that is Oneness …in the guise of humanness …that is your birthright.



March 2007

Oneness Speaks about World Peace

The world as you know it is in a continuing state of flux as the circumstances that consume the headlines of your news media continue to cry out for resolution. These are times that invite you to consider the reality of energy playing out as experience, and to resist the inclination to interpret these circumstances in a literal way.

The events that swirl around you are simply symbolism. These events have been culled forth from the depths of the ethers in which these possibilities were conceived as pure potentiality, at a time that predates the entire concept of “history.”

Now, when the moment is ripe for a particular manifestation to be called forth, so that it might be perceived as experience, you are quick to point fingers at the imagery before you and to blame certain individuals for causing the difficulty. It is easy for forget, in the heat of the moment, that the catalyst for the situations you face as a world population are not the few individuals who have chosen to represent the masses in these times. These very few beings are far from being responsible for the essence of the circumstances with which you as a world population now contend.

They have simply volunteered to serve symbolically, in this way, giving physical definition to a standpoint that has been created vibrationally the collective of the population at large. The way to transform these conditions is not simply to think in terms of ousting those in power and replacing them with other figureheads. For the responsibility for the state of your world was not caused by them. It was caused by you. All of you.

The circumstances at hand are simply a reflection. They are reflective of the collective mindset ...the sum total of the thought patterns, the biases, and the unresolved emotional baggage that each of you brings to the moment at hand. These circumstances could be shifted in a heartbeat if all were to focus their energies not on casting blame upon others but on scrutinizing one’s own agenda and the state of beingness each of you brings to the moment at hand. It is you who is creating the world as you know it by the contribution each of you makes to the medium of physicality, simply by being present in these times.

The way to create World Peace is to focus your awareness on Inner Peace.

The way to shift adversity experienced en-masse is not to focus one’s attention on the very circumstances one wishes to dissipate, but rather to focus one’s attention ...from a heartfelt place of Divine resonance ...upon one’s own state of inner being.

It is not enough to go through the motions of demonstrations and pay lip service to the concept of World Peace, while you are silently seething with resentment over some perceived political wrongdoing. Gestures of political atrocity are only reflections of the collective mindset, made manifest in the physical and acted out by volunteers who serve you by playing such roles on behalf of the collective.

The hatred and heartlessness demonstrated by your governments are no more than the materialization of the hidden prejudices and intolerances of those they represent. The work that is called for in these times is not limited to the well-meant gestures of the do-gooders amongst you. The recipe for the redemption of your world goes deeper than the thinking of positive thoughts and the mouthing of affirmations ...even if it does take place simultaneously with the prayers of others.

The solution to circumstances that seem to be veering out of control is to take control of oneself scrutinize one’s own thoughts, ones emotions, and the hidden agendas you keep so carefully cloistered within the depths of each of you. Prejudice and inhumanity are not the sole responsibility of the handful of symbolic villains who happen to be visible amongst you. The weight of responsibility rests within the depths of each of you who lives and breathes in these times.

For, it is you who has co-created the riddle being enacted on behalf of the collective, by a handful of you. And it is only you who is equipped to solve it. Each of you, within the depths of your own inner being. Together.

The answers you pray for are within you. And those prayers continue to be answered, in every ongoing moment, by the collective reflection you think of as your world. You can shift those circumstances in an instant. Not through dramatic demonstrations of solidarity. But by a demonstration, within the sanctity of your own inner being. A demonstration of Oneness that is only possible when you recognize those at whom you would cast stones your own Self.

January 2007

Transcending Prophesied Events

There is much that can be said about what is transpiring in these times. And the prognosis for a more positive outcome than had originally been anticipated is very good indeed. The addition of the free will factor of the collective consciousness to the equation has resulted in a shift in what might have been a cataclysmic period in the history of your planet. These events are not carved in stone, but are very much dependent upon the actions of humankind as a whole and the choices made by those in a position of leadership.

It is entirely possible to transcend a prophesied series of events that once seemed so likely as to have been considered inevitable. There is no event that is so inevitable as to be resistant to the focused intent of the beings present. Efforts to orchestrate a common focus on a given concept, in unison with vast numbers of other beings, have a profound effect on the outcome that may have been predicted. Humankind has succeeded in altering that outcome and has manifested in its stead a radically modified version of what had once been foreseen.

The real work has now begun. The collective consciousness of those incarnate in your dimension has exercised the power of its will and has manifested an unprecedented result. The harnessing of this power is the opportunity being presented in this time frame. In so doing, it will begin to become obvious to many of you that you are, indeed, creating your reality.

Adding the power of personal intent to the energy of the collective.

As each adds the power of personal intent to the collective, the sum-totality moves that much closer to the point at which a measurable result can be made manifest. And an obvious correlation will emerge between the implementation of the collective will and the modification of anticipated events.

With this tool in hand, you are empowered in the collective to co-create a reality as you would wish it to be. Once you know that you are not living at the mercy of events beyond your control, but are indeed drawing the blueprint for those events with your thoughts, attitudes, and presumptions, you will begin to take very seriously the responsibility each of you has for your part as the co-author of the “movie” you call life.

The choices you make in every moment exert their influence vibrationally, and by example, on all whose lives you touch. And as each touches and is touched in return by the actions of the collective, a harmony of intent begins to resonate. When that intent is heart-centered, it is indeed possible to alter the course of what you would consider to be “destiny.”

January 2007

Breaking the Patterns that Create Unwanted Outcomes

The vibration of every thought pattern that passes through your consciousness carries an energy charge; particularly the thought patterns that are materialized in the form of verbal communication. By releasing that energy charge in the form of speech, you set into motion an imprint that magnetizes to it circumstances of a corresponding vibration. That is what is meant by the expression: “your thoughts create your reality” in the most simplistic sense.

In order to break the cycle of manifestation of negative occurrences, it is important for you to be keenly aware of the vibration of all you communicate to others. Monitor your speech. Do not utter a negative sentiment about anything, regardless of whether or not you feel it is justified. Make a conscious effort that every word that passes your lips is uplifting to the listener.

Speak only the most positive possible statements regarding any situation. Speak ill of no one, lest the energy be mirrored back upon you. Choose to partake, or to pass. Simply that. Gossip, complaining, or speech in the guise of asking for help you do not really require is a recipe for reprisal in the form of circumstances that would not be pleasing to you. Your speech is a powerful tool when carefully employed. It is a danger to you when used carelessly.

Your thought patterns, even when not expressed verbally, carry an energy charge that sets in motion circumstances of a corresponding vibration.

When one is mistrustful, for example, one manifests the experience of being deceived. When one is fearful, one manifests the experience of frightening situations. When one is anxious and feeling unworthy, one manifests the experience of the rejection of one’s efforts. When one becomes the hunter the hunted feel the predatory energy and flee. When one is obvious in what one wants from another, it is virtually guaranteed that the desired outcome will not be manifested.

Dwell not upon what is lacking in your life, but regard those circumstances with gratitude. Understand that they pave the way for the shift in consciousness that would put you in a position to manifest precisely what you have come into this lifetime to do. A seemingly negative situation may well be the gateway to the precise shift in focus that will deliver you into the arena where you can do your life’s work.


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