Chapter One


We are Oneness. We are the embodiment of the God force, as are you. We are as a drop of water is to the ocean—bonded in Oneness to it, being of it and unto it, yet having identity and self-perception. The perception of self would be as the totality. The all-encompassing. The antithesis of limitation, in all respects. It is toward this pinnacle of focus that you strive in the present moment, regardless of whether you are aware or unaware of such concepts.

In uniting in Oneness with all Creation, you give full expression, in the context of linear form, to the multidimensionality that is your true state of beingness. By consciously recognizing the connection and allowing its unlimited expression through your form and through your consciousness, you open the door to the possibility of expansion and encompass the understandings and perceptions that characterize those states of being. It is toward that state of bonded union with the expanded levels of self that you strive in these times.

By virtue of the fact that you are drawn to reading these words, you are functioning at a heightened level of awareness. Your perceptions and understandings regarding the nature of reality would by now have transcended what most concede to be the nature of what is. What is or is not has come to be the focus, in your culture, of considerable speculation. Some would have you believe that what you perceive as your reality is merely an illusion. And though your perceptions are symbolic representations of the thought-forms that precipitated them, they are most decidedly real.

Your experience, the reality as your senses have shown it to be—is real. Your world, the reality that your actions and thought forms have manifested, in tandem with the others who cohabit it— is real. And your instinctive sensing of your own connectedness to the tapestry of life, which is not discernible to the physical senses, is very real indeed. It is toward the exploration of those connections—toward the understanding of a destiny that is interwoven of intent and desire—that we strive mutually.

Reality, as you would know it to be, will cease to be. You will not experience the shift that is to come as loss, though the circumstances that will transpire might indicate that interpretation. For in shifting to a higher octave of perception, you will come to embody, in the moment of that shift, the awareness and the innate understandings that accompany the heightened states of beingness toward which your energy flows at an unprecedented pace. You will begin to experience glimpses of that expanded reality as you move closer to the shift in consciousness to come.

You will be able to see aspects of reality that most, whose perceptions are limited to the physical senses, are unable to sense. You will know the nature of your unlimited state of being without having read about it in books or heard the concepts spoken of by those who herald visions and prophecies of a new paradigm. You will, ultimately, defer to no one, as you come to be empowered and to experience yourself as the aspect of the Oneness that you, indeed, are.

The enhanced perceptions to come will serve as a foundation for transcending those perceptions entirely. For they are limited to a view of a reality expressed within the context of time and space. The reality toward which you flow—effortlessly, if you allow it—is unbound by the linear concepts of time and space. It is a real¬ity where physical perception, by definition, is superfluous. It is the result of a melding, a bonding, a joyful unity of the totality of your essence in harmony with what is now perceived to be “others.” Ultimately, there will be no distinction between the perception of “self” and that of “others.” For all will be Oneness.

We are that Oneness. We are the unity of All That Is. We are the unity of which you are indeed a part, and toward the experience of which you strive, whether knowingly or not. We are your hearts longing to reunite with the Source of your beginnings. We are your deep-seated dream of bonding with the fragmented aspects of your own essence, scattered since time immemorial throughout Creation. And we are the impetus toward that unification.

We are the invitation that calls you to action and awakens you from the stupor you call your life. We are the opportunity to purge yourself of the karmic baggage you carry, as a testimony to the state of separation you embody. We are the farthest-reaching cry of your very soul to have the self-imposed blinders removed that you may be permitted to truly see.

We are the aspect of your own selfhood that transcends every level throughout Creation, yearning in unison with you to be freed of the shackles of a reality defined by linear limitation. We are the ultimate end result of what has been referred to as ascension. We are as you are—and as you are yet to be.

You are a piece of Divine essence—with consciousness, with identity. You are a fragment of your own expression and experience of the One. You are a programmed time capsule that is coming to fruition on schedule, having harvested a wealth of physical experience on your journey. Ultimately, the understandings reaped from those adventures will have turned you toward an undisputed attunement with the higher vibration that resonates within you now.

You have begun the process of unraveling the threads that have been interwoven throughout your lifetimes in the dream that you regard as your reality. And you have achieved a measure of clarity that enables you to recognize, amongst your life dramas, a commonality of intent and a commonality of result that has shaped the identity that you recognize as you.

Far from view are experiences that would transcend, in their depth of perception, the awareness you garner from present experiences. Far from view, yet firmly entrenched beneath the surface of your awareness, are experiences of ancient incarnations whose influence helps to choreograph the dramas of your life. In many respects, that which you are is a resonance of the sum-total vibration of all you have ever been. The opportunity afforded you in this lifetime is to transcend some of that programming.

The opportunity before you now is to embody your history and simultaneously to reach for and to integrate the timeless aspects of self that have thus far eluded you. In so doing, you will experience yourself as the Oneness that you Are. And you will come to be that Oneness in conjunction with the full collective of every aspect of you—aspects that are what you are in their core essence but recognize themselves as separate from you.

This is the process at hand. This is the momentum toward which you strive with all else in your reality, and beyond your reality, in these times. This is the journey you have undertaken by coming into form in this lifetime. And this is the journey that could take you beyond the limitations of form—in this lifetime. This is the journey that will carry you the full distance, beyond the parameters of the entire concept of a lifetime— to a state of being that is the embodiment of timelessness. A state of being known as Oneness. We are that Oneness. And we have come to guide you home.

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